Twenty Six Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 33 weeks old and he weighed a whopping 33.4kg on the vet scale!

We continue to work on the lessons from our weekly clicker class at home (I will try and get pictures at home), and these are so much fun!
SIT                    STAY                   DOWN
UP SIT                   STAND                   WATCH
TOUCH (Riggs loves this one)                   STOP
ROLL OVER                   CRAWL                   THROUGH
STEADY (slow down)                   HUP HUP (go faster)
SIT PRETTY (sitting up with his front feet raised)
UP (stepping up onto a box with his front feet)
Loose Leash Walking                   Recall

We had a few outings with Riggs besides our usual shopping trips – one night we went to RocoMamas for supper and Riggs went straight to sleep.

We were also at GDA for a graduation ceremony – Service Dog Zorro and our friend Kelby (check out My Hero Has Paws), and then a long car ride to spend the afternoon with family. Here he is on his towel at GDA and at my inlaws house.

Last week at GDA there was an Open Day – the Puppy Raising Supervisors set up stations at their training centre where the pups and puppy raisers are faced with different challenges and obstacles, and the Puppy Raising Supervisors and Trainers observe the pups in each situation, and provide assistance for how to move forward in a pup’s learning. Before the training started, Riggs and Lyric (she’s a bit older than Riggs and much faster) had a few minutes to play in one of the free-run areas.
One of the challenges was for the pups to get into and out of the van used by the trainers when they take their dogs out every day. Riggs happily jumped into and out of the van, calmly waited while the door was closed, and then did a beautiful SIT STAY while the truck idled.  Then he hopped back in when the exercise was over to check if there were more treats to be had!  They also had ponies in one area for the pups to see and smell! This challenge is not for the pups to interact with the ponies, but to be able to see them and calmly walk past them – at a fair distance. Riggs has seen horses before, and they made him a little jumpy – but he did well enough yesterday to please our Supervisor. 

And just ‘coz he’s cute, here are some more pictures of our Riggs!


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