The Dreaded Intake Day Email…

We got the semi-dreaded email from SA Guide-Dogs. Riggs’s intake day for his formal training is Monday April 9th.

It’s a strange email for a Puppy Raiser to receive… On the one hand you’re sad because your pup will be leaving, and you’re a little nervous about whether you did enough with your puppy while raising him. And on the other hand you’re excited about the next step in your puppy’s training, and you’re wondering how he’s going to do, and who he will eventually be matched with.

It’s bitter sweet indeed. We Puppy Raisers walk a very strange tightrope. But Riggs is ready for his training.

This is also the only time, in my puppy raising adventure with each of our dogs, that I cry.

What that means though, is that we only have a week left with our big boy (got the email about 10 days ago).
We’ll be meeting with his trainer in the morning to chat about Riggs’s likes and how he’s done with his training and how he likes to play.


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  1. I think you guys are amazing, doing such important work. Good luck Riggs! And big hugs Angel xxx

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