Meet Guide Dog Puppy Jake #GDApupJake!

Jake is one of 7 yellow Lab pups, 5 boys and 2 girls, born to mom Zara on May 17th 2018.
Their sire by artificial insemination is an American Guide Dog stud named Bosworth. His siblings are Jozi, Jarvis, Jethro, Jet, Paddi (sponsored name), and Jackson, and two of his brothers will be growing up as part of the Cape Town Puppy Raising family. Jake joined our family on Friday July 13th! 😀

Jake is so precious, and At 10 weeks old, Jake weighed a whopping 9.6kg!

Baby Jake has “slept through” for 6 nights in a row, 11pm to 5h30! At bed time he now happily walks into his crate, and most mornings he goes back to sleep for an hour after having a busy!
He’s getting very long too, so I’ve already swapped his “snuggly” bed for a bigger cushion inside his crate. 


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