Eight Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Jake is 16 weeks old!

Isn’t he beautiful! He’s a light, caramel brown colour, rather than a golden colour like out other yellow Labs have been. And as he gets older, he gets more and more brown flecks on his nose.
He’s a big puppy, weighing in at 16.5kg, and he’s now getting 160g Vet’s Choice puppy kibble three times a day.
He also got his “big boy” collar this week, after he came back from his x-rays and check-up at the vet!

I take a picture of Jake with this bear every Thursday, so I have something to refer to show scale as he grows up.
He doesn’t get to play with this bear – its only for the weekly picture. 😛

Guide Dog Puppies are not permitted on the furniture, but Jake tries his luck every chance he gets – especially when the dogs are playing! Its quite comical to have a pup so determined to be on the bed!
He does love his crate though – running into it if he grabs something he shouldn’t have, napping and playing in the crate during the day, and sleeping in the crate overnight.

Puppy Classes have been at GDA for the last six weeks, working on the pup’s frustration tolerance and levels of distraction when they are together as siblings.
Jake is going out with me more and more, and having started loose-leash-walking exercises the week after he came home with us already, he walks beautifully on lead!

Jake has learned SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, and DROP IT, and we’re working on STAND and STAY.
He’s not quite as food-driven as pups we’ve had in the past, so we keep our training sessions short and fun, to keep him engaged and interested, and he loves praise and cuddles.

He’s a real snuggle bug, and likes nothing better than to try and curl up in my lap if I sit on the floor, while I brush him and handle him.


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