Thirty Two Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

I take a picture of Jake with his “watch me grow” bear every Thursday, so I have something to show scale as he grows up. He doesn’t get to play with this bear – its only for the weekly picture. 😛

Jake is a big boy – 40 weeks old and 35.4kg. He’s lost all his baby teeth, he’s wearing an adult collar, and he is now wearing the large-sized, blue Guide Dog Puppy “learner” jacket when we are out and about, and he has been neutered – as all GDA male pups are at about 8 months old.

Jake is not a fan of the summer heat at all, and on a hot day he loves to have a damp towel on cool towels to sleep on, and when we’re driving somewhere he cuddles up to a 2L bottle of water that’s been frozen solid!

Our Puppy Classes are almost over – next week we have our assessment with our Puppy Raising Manager!
We’ve had a class at Fourways Crossing, gg’s Café, and Montecasino’s Bird Garden, and the pups were great. Our classes at GDA consist of obedience exercises, loose leash walking and return-to-heel exercises, distraction work with squeaky toys and people, and habituation with new and familiar objects – brollies, platforms, a shop dummy, hula hoops, yoga mats, wobble boards, you name it!
Jake has learned SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, DROP IT, STAND, and STAY, and he goes everywhere with me. He walks beautifully on lead, and he is a pleasure to take out shopping, and whilst he no longer tries to greet all the people walking by us, he does get excited when people call out to him or make eye contact.

Jake has had several Uber Assist rides with me, and our drivers are kind enough to turn the aircon on to blow into the passenger footwell, where Jake goes to sleep with his head under the vent.

He’s a real snuggle bug, and likes nothing better than to try and curl up in my lap if I sit on the floor, while I brush him and handle him, though he is already too big to nap in my lap anymore!

As smart as he is, and as much as he’s learning, I have to remind myself that he’s still just a puppy, and he’ll get up to mischief if the fancy takes him – like running off with an empty pizza box that was left on top of the bin! 😛

He’s such a cute pup, and really affectionate, and he looks very serious with his “frown” and very expressive eyebrows!

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