Thirty Six Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Gorgeous Jake is 44 weeks old already!

He tips the scales at 36.5kg! He’s matured so much lately, focusing more
during our training exercises and paying attention to me.
He still turns into the “class clown” at events when he’s had enough,
which gets everyone giggling, and the kids love it!

Our Puppy Classes are finished, and Jake’s assessment with our
Puppy Raising Manager went really well!
We’ve had a very busy few weeks of outings, our own normal shopping trips and outings,
and several outings for GDA – even going all the way to Potchefstroom to visit NWU!
We have also been issued with the beautiful, newly designed, puppy-in-training jacket!
Jake has mastered SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, DROP IT, STAND, and STAY,
and we are now working on building duration into his cues, and we continue
to work on loose leash walking.

He really walks beautifully on lead, and he is a pleasure to take out shopping,
and whilst he no longer tries to greet all the people walking by us,
he still get excited when people call out to him or make eye contact.
Jake likes riding in the car, stretching out on the backseat in the doggy hammock,
or lying with his face in the breeze from the aircon.

He’s mischievous and smart, and lately he jumps and puts his front legs up on our bed
when he wants attention. He loves to be close to us and he still loves to be brushed
and cuddled.

The last couple of weeks, he has been determined to bring a long stick
into the house to chew on it. I try to make sure sticks stay outside
‘coz they make a mess, and those pleading eyes are hard to resist!

He’s growing up so fast, and I often have to remind myself
that he is still just a puppy. ❤

picture credit :: Adrian Patterson


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