Forty Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Gorgeous Jake is 11 months old!

He tips the scales at 37.3kg, and he’s just beautiful, with his caramel-coloured fur and pale “wings”!

Our “Puppy Classes” are finished, but we still have a weekly class with our Puppy Raising Supervisor, sometimes its with several other puppies of various ages, and sometimes with just the “J” siblings.
We practise loose leash walking, and obedience cues, and we do distraction work with food, toys, people, and dogs.
We want our pups focused on us and ignoring anything that crosses their path or tries to get their attention.
Sometimes they get to have a runaround after class. 🙂

He really walks beautifully on lead when we are out shopping, he no longer tries to greet all the people walking by us, but he still gets a little excited when people call out to him or make eye contact.
Pleeeeeease people – if you see a working dog, or a pup-in-training – or ANY dog for that matter, PLEASE ignore them!
Speak to the person holding the lead and ask before you touch or talk to them!

Gorgeous Jake, tired after a busy morning, with an induction for new Puppy Raisers at SA Guide-Dogs Association, and then a class with his sister Paddi. 😁

Hold thumbs – I think he has stopped trying to get on the bed!
He now rests his head on the bed when he wants our attention… 😛

He’s growing up so fast, and I often have to remind myself that he is still just a puppy. ❤
Here he is clowning with the big stick he finally managed to get into the house! 😀


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