Forty Four Weeks with #GDApupJake

Our gorgeous Jake is one year old today!

We can hardly believe so much time has gone by so fast!

Big and beautiful, with caramel-coloured fur and pale “wings”, he tips the scales at 37.7kg.

Our weekly Puppy Classes are completed, but we still have optional open classes with a GDA Puppy Raising Supervisor, where several other pups of mixed ages attend, and sometimes we have one-on-one sessions with our Supervisor. We continue to practise loose leash walking and obedience cues, and we do distraction work with food, toys, people, and dogs, teaching our pups to focus on us and ignore what is going on around them.
It still takes Jake a few minutes to settle into a “work mode”, but he is now able to work in close proximity to a number of other pups, without Jake lunging to greet or try to play with them.

He walks so beautifully on lead when we are out shopping. He ignores people walking by us or standing around us, and even manages to ignore people calling out to him or making eye contact with him. He is unconcerned when children come up and greet him, and more and more he’s looking to me when he gets distracted by something.
Pleeeeeease – if you see a working dog, or a pup-in-training – or ANY dog for that matter, PLEASE ignore them!
Speak to the person holding the lead and ask before you touch or talk to them!

Our handsome Jake attended a GDA PR function at a school, where one of GDA’s brood bitches was a part of a performance of Annie!

Jake has never been a fan of too much sunshine, and if he’s in to sun too much in the car, he’ll climb under the doggy hammock! And he loves looking out the window while we drive. 😀

He has matured so much in the last few months, but one of his favourite things to do is bring a big stick into the house to chew on and play with!

He still loves to be close to me and loves to snuggle, squishing himself under the desk if I am working on my laptop.


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