Forty Eight Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Wow! Time really flies! Tomorrow our Jake is 13 months old!

Big and beautiful, with caramel-coloured fur, and pale “wings”, he tipped the scales at 38.3kg when he had his vaccinations last week.

Our weekly Puppy Classes are completed, but we have regular one-on-one sessions with our GDA Puppy Raising Supervisor. We continue to practise loose leash walking and our obedience cues, and Jake goes everywhere with me as much as possible. And we do distraction work with food, toys, people, and dogs, teaching our pups to focus on us and ignore what is going on around them.

He walks so beautifully on lead when we are out shopping. He ignores people walking by us or standing around us, and even manages to ignore people calling out to him or making eye contact with him. He is unconcerned when children come up and greet him, and more and more he’s looking to me when he gets distracted by something.
Pleeeeeease – if you see a working dog, or a pup-in-training – or ANY dog for that matter, PLEASE ignore them!
Speak to the person holding the lead, and ask before you touch or talk to them!

On one of our many outings, our handsome Jake visited a nursery school with the “W” litter puppies. Visiting schools is partly to teach children about Guide Dogs, and partly an instructional outing for our pups – to see children of different ages and in different settings. With regular positive interaction, our pups learn that children are nothing to be excited about, or feared.

Jake has a new toy, and it has quickly become a favourite! Its an Kong Extreme XX-Large, and when we are planning an outing I fill it with a mixture of treats, kibble, tinned meat, and then freeze it, giving it to chew on when we reach our destination. It not only keeps him busy, it rewards him for staying calm and quiet at the same time.

He still loves to be close to me and loves to snuggle, squishing himself under the desk if I am working on my laptop.

This lovely picture of our Jake was taken by Brent Lindeque at a GDA activation.

The #WatchMeGrow bear that I used for Jake’s weekly photograph has become a toy, but I only give it to him to play with once in a blue moon. He’s been surprisingly gentle with it, and he loves to lie on his back holding the bear with his front paws and chewing on it! Its so comical!


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