Meet Guide Dog Puppy Chuck #GDApupChuck

Chuck was born on Friday 26 April 2019 to mom Zebula and dad Vito (AI, USA stud dog). He’s a yellow Labrador with six “C” litter siblings – 4 yellow brothers, 1 yellow sister, and 2 black sisters.

We fetched him from GDA on Thursday 27 June 2019 when he was 9 weeks old, and we named him after the “Chuck Bartowski” character of the TV show “Chuck”, played by Zachary Levi – continuing our trend to try and name our pups after movie or TV characters 🙂

At 10 weeks old, Chuck weighed a whopping 10.4kg – by far our biggest puppy ever! He has huge feet and long ears, the tips of which are always dirty because they hang in his food and water bowls! 😛


Baby Chuck has slept through for 2 nights now, 10pm to about 5am, and thats pretty cool! He is sleeping in a dog bed next to me, as his “big brother” Jake is still sleeping in the crate, and most mornings he goes back to sleep for an hour after having a busy!

He already knows SIT, he’s quickly learning DROP IT, and we’re working on DOWN. He goes to the door to ask to go outside, he’s learning to sit quietly in order to be given his food bowl at meal times, and he LOVES his food, which makes him really easy to train!


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