Fifty Six Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Wow! Time really flies!
Jake is 14 months old, he has started his formal training.

Intake Day – the day he started “varsity” – was July 23rd. We got to meet and talk to his trainer about raising him and his personality, and his quirks and favourite things, and seeing how excited Jake’s trainer was to start working with him was so heartwarming! During his formal training we will get updates from his trainer about how he is progressing, and he gets to come home on weekends.

The Intake Day email is a strange one for a Puppy Raiser to receive… On the one hand you’re sad because your pup will be leaving, and you’re a little nervous about whether you did enough with your puppy while raising him. And on the other hand you’re excited about the next step in your puppy’s training, and you’re wondering how he’s going to do, and who he will eventually be matched with.

Puppy Raisers walk a strange tightrope, loving their puppy and working hard to be able to say goodbye. We’re very goal-oriented, we know that as much as we love our puppy, someone else needs our puppy. Someone is waiting for our puppy.

And Jake was ready for his training! We couldn’t keep him busy enough as Puppy Raisers anymore, and he loves to be busy. He’s loving his training too – I think he would choose to stay “at school” with his trainer if he was given the option!

And since the end of June, Jake has had Labrador company at home in the form of a GDA puppy named Chuck! Chuck came to us when he was 9 weeks old, and the two of them have played all day every day, both of them loving the fact that they have a playmate that “speaks” Labrador!
Having Jake here was a big help for the puppy to learn to busy outside, and wait for his food, they learn a lot from copying each other.


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