Sixty Weeks with Jake #GDApupJake

Jake is 15 months old, and he’s been in formal training for a month.
He’s so grown up and mature.

We got our first email from his trainer! Jake loves his trainer, and I think if we gave him the choice he’d choose to stay at school with him rather than come home on weekends! Here’s a snippet:
“This month has been a blast with Jake. He is a big boy that is full of love and cuddles… we focused on obedience and an introduction to Autism Support Dog work. He is a very clever boy! He absolutely loved the outings we have done… Parkhurst, Mall of Africa, Parkview, Zoo Lake, Rosebank, The Randburg Clinic School for Autism…”
So proud of our boy! 

When Jake is home with us on weekends, he still goes on the occasional outing with me, or attends a GDA event with us, but he’s not expected to do any training and he can spend his weekends playing and napping.


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