Twelve Weeks With Chuck #GDApupChuck

Chuck is 21 weeks old!

Last Friday, Chuck weighed 26.3kg, and he’s getting very used to his weekly visit to our vet to get on the scale.
While we’re there, we walk around the vet’s reception, and if there are no patients yet we check out the examination room too. The sounds and smells at a vet can be very strange and frightening for a puppy, so visiting often with lots of treats and creating a positive association is important for a working dog.

Our last puppy class was at BVH – the pups had blood drawn to do titre tests, but they also practised being in close proximity to each other in the reception area. GDA pups frequently visit the vet as part of their socialisation, to give them a positive association with a place that smells and sounds scary, and strange. They get treats from the vet too, and when Chuck was done having blood drawn he asked the vet for more cookies, so he wasn’t bothered by the experience at all! 😀

Chuck confidently responds to SIT, DOWN, LET’S GO, DROP IT, TOUCH, and we’re working on STAND and LOOSE LEASH WALKING. We go on regular outings, and classes with his siblings include the GDA doggy obstacle course, spending time in GDA’s kennels, and just sitting watching cars and people go by.

Chuck’s baby canine teeth have fallen out, and his “big boy” canines are growing fast, but there’s nothing holding his tongue in place at the moment and his tongue lolls all over the place!

And just ‘coz he’s so gorgeous, here are some more pictures of our Chuck!

Chuck loves his food! He’s really easy to train, and he loves jumping into the car when we’re heading out and about!


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