About Us

We have 3 cats (at one point we had 6) named Greebo, Magic and Minx, and 4 dogs named Thelma, Louise, Riddick and Penny.
Our cats are foundlings, all short haired and all black or black and white.
Thelma and Louise were adopted from Wetnose, Riddick was born at South African Guide-dogs Association for the Blind (GDA) but he can’t be a Guide Dog because the pupils in his eyes don’t work properly, and Penny was adopted from Labrador & Golden Retriever Rescue when she was about 6 months old – she’s a Labrador cross, we think she’s got some Pointer in her too.

We volunteer as puppy walkers and foster “parents” for GDA, and I blog about the puppies we are privileged to raise on their behalf.
Raising a Guide Dog puppy is very different to raising a pet, and I hope to create awareness of the work GDA does and what goes into raising and training a Guide Dog with my blog.

My son has a bearded dragon, named Spike that we are currently looking after.

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