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It’s Been A Year With Patrick

If you remember, Patrick joined our family when he was already 37 weeks old, so we didn’t have any puppy pictures – and his first mommy very kindly sent us a few, and by pure fluke – we also gave Patrick a red collar!

He’s been part of our family for a year now!

Was he cute or what!!

And here are some recent pictures of our boy, who has now been in training for 6 months. He is still a wonderfully affectionate and lovable dog, and he’s happiest if his bed is right next to mine so he can rest his head on my knee or on my mattress.
He still loves riding in the car, and recently discovered a new use for the armrest in our car!


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A Year With Penny!

December 26th was the first anniversary of our Penny coming to live with us. We fetched her from her Lab Rescue foster home after making sure we had a collar, lead, ordering her name tag and a new bowl for her.

Its been quite a year!
Penny has a few issues, being a rescue dog who spent some months tied to a tow-hitch on a bakkie with little to no human contact.
We recently submitted her MuttMix DNA test to find out exactly what her make up is and we can’t wait for the results! She was rescued as a Lab puppy, but she’s more hound than Labrador, maybe some Weimaraner and some Pointer… She loves playing fetch, and whilst she has learnt to wrestle like the Labs love to play, she loves to play chase as well. And her prey-drive is quite high. She’s a lot quieter than she was when she first moved in, but she’s still very vocal. The more excited she gets the louder she gets. She has a soft woof-rumble she uses to ask to come inside or go outside, chasing a ball in the garden is accompanied by snarling barks and its not aggression, its excitement – she’s hunting!
We continue to work on her being quiet when its required.

She still reacts to young men with nervous barking, but she no longer runs away.
She still shrinks away from a raised voice, but she no longer runs away from everything stick-shaped (shovels, brooms, the pooper scooper).
It took 8 months to house train her and we still have the occasional accident, but she is now finally sleeping through from last busies at 11pm till between 5am and 6am.

She’s an out-and-out daddy’s girl, happiest when she can be at my husband’s side.

She’s now quite happy to have other dogs visit at our house, taking a few minutes to assert the fact that its not their house at the beginning of the visit, and she has no problem with puppies anymore.
Visiting people with dogs is also much better – it takes her about 30 minutes to realise that the residents are not going to allow her to take over, and then she plays happily. On Christmas Day we visited friends, taking Riddick, Penny and Patrick with us. The resident dogs – a darling cross breed bitch who wants to be everyone’s mommy and a young yellow Lab have met Penny before, and there were two more visitors – a 2 year old German Shepherd and an 11 week old Shepherd/ Husky cross who stayed close to his mommy. We had a couple of incidents, but for the most part it was peaceful, and Penny seemed quite taken with the beautiful GSD.
Visiting a park however, is a disaster. She goes roaring through the gate, sniffs around a little and then decides that since its neutral territory – she’ll claim it!

We recently discovered that she likes to bury her treasures – like hoof chews – in the garden, remembering exactly where they are but not allowing the other dogs anywhere near her hiding places so we still have more work to do on her possessiveness when she’s outside.

She responds very well to training and she learns fast! The clicker sessions we started doing worked exceptionally well, with our clicker instructor seeing a huge difference in Penny in the space of 3 weeks!

And she is a truly beautiful dog. Everyone who meets her comments on how pretty she is, with her soft, shiny coat and incredibly intelligent eyes.

She really is our precious Penny-pie.