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Turk & Diva Exploring…

And meeting the other boys.

My sweet lovable loyal Taxi was the first to meet them and has settled nicely into a guardian slash babysitter role.
He didn’t have much choice… since he insists on being wherever I am, he had to get used to me spending time with the babies and then his curiosity got the better of him.

The munchkins have started venturing down the stairs, especially if I go down and Taxi follows me. They really don’t like being on their own when they know there are people in the house.
Magic is very unimpressed with this invasion of his space. He is relaxing more and more every day and is no longer growling and his humans, but when the babies are close by he follows them around and hisses and growls if they so much as look at him. He got a mild shock yesterday when both babies launched themselves at him purely out of curiosity!
I have discovered that I can use the same conditioning on him that I use when training the cats to a harness- so if the babies are nearby they all get a little cooked chicken and he behaves himself for a bit!
Greebo remains his non-plussed aloof self. He’s not growling or hissing but he’s not playing either. I sometimes think he’s still sulking over me bringing Taxi home!!

Magic Plays Pool!

Damien plays pool, and Magic sits on the table till he can no longer stand the balls bouncing off him. Then he tries to catch them as Damien sinks them!