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Born on Saturday, 28 October 2017, to mommy Whitley, and daddy Curt (by AI) an American stud dog, and she looks just like her mommy. Her siblings are Danté, Denver, Dino, Disney, and Dixi.
As sometimes happens, Daisy’s Puppy Raiser was unable to continue raising her, so we took her until she was withdrawn due to hip issues and rehomed with a wonderful forever family. <3

One Week With Guide Dog Puppy Daisy #GDApupDaisy

This is Guide Dog Puppy Daisy!

She joined our family a little over a week ago, almost 19 weeks old, and she weighed 18kg.
As sometimes happens, Daisy’s original Puppy Raiser couldn’t continue to raise her, and as our Riggs is now a year old and will start his formal training soon, we decided to make Daisy our “new” puppy.

Daisy’s ears are so cute – they look like they have been splattered with bleach, with a darker caramel-coloured pattern along the edges.

She’s very clever, and has settled into her new home very well.

She’s great in the car, happily going to sleep or chewing on a toy.

Her previous Puppy Raising family gave her this big cushion, and they sent it along with her.

We bought her a brand new, bright pink Rogz collar that she can grow into, and a new dinosaur Nylabone chew.

She loves to sleep half off the bed! 😀

Our Riggs is LOVING having a Labrador “little sister” to play and wrestle with!
They get on so well, and they play themselves to sleep all day!


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