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The oldest of my furbabies.
Born on November 8th 2003, I adopted him in the following January.
Sometimes aloof, always in charge.

Our Kitties Have A Catio!

I have wanted to put up a catio of some kind for my indoor cats ever since I first saw one on Pinterest about two years ago, and we finally have one!

We looked at a few construction options and suggestions, and decided on PVC piping with plastic mesh and cable ties, in order to ensure it would be weather-proof and relatively easy to construct. Its about two metres wide, about 180cm tall, and half a metre deep, with two corner shelves on one side covered with fake lawn. It has a plastic crate on its side in the bottom, and a towel as a hammock (attached to the window bars) on the one end. There’s a strip of carpet attached to the side that they can use to do their nails (they don’t use it yet), and a couple of toys hanging from ribbons inside.

It took a couple of hours for the cats long to start investigating it, and venturing out, and had it occurred to me I may have left the finished catio inside the house for a few days for them to explore before mounting it on the wall outside.



It is used mostly by Magic and Twister at the moment, with old man Greebo only going out when its very hot in the sun, or there’s catnip on the corner shelves. 😛



My Kitties Are Unhappy

I desperately need help with our Twister…

He’s on a special diet, so the crystals in his urine have cleared up, but he’s still peeing everywhere, and spraying!
I don’t know how to fix it.
I’ve tried different litter, adding shredded plastic bags to the litter ‘coz he’s peeing on any packet he can find, I’ve tried closing him in my shower with a litter box to force him to use it! But we need to use the shower. And while he’s out- he pees! And I have a huge problem with ants invading my shower. I don’t want risk him getting bitten by ants, and I can’t have him in there with ant poison.
I don’t have any other place that’s crate-like to isolate him in.

He spent his first few months as part of our family in our bed, in our room, because the other cats weren’t very welcoming of a new kitty. He slept between my husband and me at night. He napped on top of my hubby and followed him around…

And now I can’t bear to have him in our bedroom because of the peeing! My curtains, bed, towels, walls, bags, the dog beds… Even us! He has even sprayed me, and my husband!

Everything gets pissed on.

I’ve taken to calling him “pister” instead of “Twister”, and I keep chasing my sweet, talkative, lovable kitty out of my room.

It doesn’t help the rest of my house, though… Which reeks… And Minx and Magic are constantly in the wars with Twister because he literally chases them around! Minx spends all her time on top of the fridge or the bookshelf, ‘coz Twister can’t get up there.

I am THIS close to wanting him out, but I don’t want to get rid of him because we love him. And I cannot even consider finding him a new home unless I have done everything in my power.

What can I do!??

Our Kitties…

We came home from an afternoon out on the weekend, and found this!


Magic, Minx and Greebo sharing the couch in the lounge!

An Old Cat Is A Cold Cat…

I knew our cats would need special care as they aged – as any pet does – but one thing didn’t occur to me.

Our almost 11 year old Greebo started sleeping IN our bed, between my Glugster and I at night. This started during a particularly vicious cold snap a few weeks ago, and the reason it caught my attention is that it has literally been YEARS since Greebo slept on my bed or my lap!

Then I stumbled across an article on Facebook about keeping your older cats warm in the winter and I was like “Lightbulllllllb…” My poor Greebo was getting cold!


~~ Minx, Greebo and Magic curled up together in our warmed up bedroom ~~

The next night we started using our gas heater – ‘coz we were getting cold too – and I would put a blanket on the floor in front of it for Greebo to curl up on. He immediately made the most of it and he seemed much happier. I also arranged a couple of soft beds in the house in front of the windows I know get a fair amount of sunshine during the day and I increased his food portion (Minx & Magic are also getting extra).

Apparently as cats age – especially as they approach 12 year sold – they can start battling to maintain their body weight and a skinny cat can get sick.
Older cats also develop age-related gripes like battling with their teeth (which Greebo already does) so eating can be painful and supplementing with soft food to keep their weight up may be a good idea.
Keep your eyes on your cat’s weight and if your older furkid continues to lose weight even with a supplemented diet you may want to take a trip to the vet. Remember that your cat most likely won’t show you there’s something wrong until he’s practically at death’s door!


~~ my sweet Greebo asleep on my lap ~~

Greebo, Magic and Minx…


As I figured, our kitties were pretty cool about the move to the new house.

Being indoor cats, they have no outside territory that they feel the need to establish or defend, their “territory” is inside the house so as long as it smells like us they’re not terribly worried about where they are.
They were locked in the one bathroom for the day whilst we moved all the furniture in, with food water and a litterbox, and the travel crates that we use to transport them in.
At the end of the day we opened the bathroom door and they started exploring the house. Uber carefully and almost in slow motion, they crept around every room, and by the evening they were settled in our son’s room – on top of the lizard’s box – which has lights in it to keep the lizard warm!

They have since decided that our son’s room is their space, probably because the dogs aren’t allowed in there, and they LOVE all the windows around the house through which they can watch birds to their hearts’ content!


Magic gets to go on a little stroll in the garden on his leash every now and then, but Minx and Greebo have no interest in going outside.

Magic is also the more adventurous of the kitties, here he is behind the “clothes horse” thing I hang jackets on in our bedroom…


And appearing from behind our bed!


Moving Our Animals…

When we moved into the house we’re in now, I made the decision to move the animals in first so that we didn’t have to worry about them getting out of open doors and gates with the moving of furniture and such.
The new house has a completely enclosed garden so I knew the dogs would be safe, and the cats were locked in a bathroom for the day.

Throughout the day I was checking on the four dogs and three cats and cuddling them and making sure they had water, and they were fed on schedule.


Riddick amongst the insanity of boxes and furniture at the old house

Riddick and Lennox had no trouble settling in, their biggest adjustment was not being in the house with me for most of the day as they were outside. I let them into the house and locked them in the master bedroom later in the day, and once all the boxes and furniture were in the house I allowed them to explore a little.
The evening of our move, my hubby and I were sitting on a couch just taking a time out from shuffling furniture and unpacking boxes, and Riddick actually came and lay between us, half on top o us, on the same couch. It was as if he was wondering where the hell we’d been all day long! That was as far as his insecurity went regarding the move.
Thelma and Louise were very unhappy for the first three or four days. They had the same routine as always, being outside for most of the day and sleeping inside at night, but they weren’t eating all their food at first. I think they may have been afraid they were being abandoned again, but once they clicked that everything was the same except the location they were fine.
One HUGE change for us and the dogs was being surrounded by other dogs! In the complex we used to live in there were other dogs, but they weren’t right next door. And now we have dogs on all sides, and EVERY time they started barking, our dogs started barking too! It took them a couple of weeks to realise they had more sense than our neighbours’ dogs (yes I am biased) and that they are far better at judging what is worthy of being barked at and whats not.


Thelma and Louise chillaxing on our bed

The cats coped fine. I transported them to the new house in their kitty crates, and put them in the one bathroom with food water and a litterbox for the day.
In the evening on the day we moved in, we opened the door for them to explore.
Being exclusively indoor cats I know we don’t have to worry about Greebo, Magic and Minx trying to get back to the old house to protect or reestablish their “territory”, they’re happy as long as they house smells like us. The new house is completely surrounded by a garden thats full of birds, so the cats are loving being able to lie in the sunshine and watch the birds from nearly all the windows!
Magic has been in the garden on his leash a couple of times, just to sniff around and roll in the sand as he likes to do.


Magic, hiding under my hubby’s jacket


Magic outside on his leash


all three cats on my son’s bed

The funniest thing to me is that all three cats have decided that my son’s bedroom is now their domain for most of the day… Probably because the dogs aren’t allowed in there, and because the top of the bearded dragon’s terrarium is always warm from the heat lamps.

Have you ever moved your animals?

No Fleas Or Ticks In Our House!

This week past it was time to once again treat our animals against ticks, fleas and worms.

We’ve never battled with worms – touch wood – and we’ve only had fleas on new kittens who were foundlings from “the wild”, so a good bath with tick and flea-beating shampoo was enough to get rid of them. A flea infestation is nearly impossible to get rid of!

If we’ve never had them, why treat the animals for them? Simple. We’ve never had them BECAUSE we treat our animals for ticks, fleas and worms.

Our cats do not roam. They are indoor cats because we don’t want them in other people’s gardens and homes and because we – I – don’t like worrying about where they are. Were we to allow them to roam, and should one of them then decide to take an extended jaunt across their territory, I would be out beating bushes and unable to sleep until they were home again.
Magic does occasionally have a bit of a roll and a stroll in the back garden, but only under strict supervision by one of us.
Greebo has never experienced grass and doesn’t know what it is. If he goes out the back door he stays on the paving. Probably wondering what the hell is wrong with Magic!
Minx isn’t interested in going outside at all.


Magic in the back garden


Greebo on the paving, watching Magic stroll

So if they don’t roam, why do I treat them against ticks, fleas and worms?
Our dogs are also treated, of course, especially so because Riddick goes with me wherever I go as much as possible. And Riddick going with us when we visit friends or go to the dog park means he runs the risk of picking up worms, ticks and/ or fleas from other dogs he encounters. That means he can pass them onto Thelma and Louise (who prefer to stay home) and to the cats.

Anyone who has cats will know what a mission it is to give a tablet to a cat, so I was overjoyed when I discovered Bayer’s Advocate drops a while ago! These drops go between the cats’ shoulder blades on the skin, as much as possible out of the cat’s reach, and it prevents and treats fleas, worms, ear mites and lice!

No more pills!!


~As per my Ladybloggers pledge – I was not asked or paid to write this blog post, and all opinions herein are my own.~

A Rare Greebo Photo…

Where he isn’t fast asleep I mean!
He’s notoriously skittish around my camera and usually ducks and runs for cover if he sees the camera! This time he just opened his eyes and made sure I didn’t do anything else…

Greebo Is An Avid, Erm, Reader…

Ever since he was little, Greebo has loved books and magazines!
Here he is, spread out across a small stack of magazines and junk mail I put down on the coffee table!

Here’s a picture of him from 2006, lounging on a stack of FHM magazines!!

Minx And Greebo…

Yet another mini-me captured!