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We adopted Twister when he was about 4 months on March 6th 2015, and we sent him over the rainbow bridge on September 18th 2017.
He was found as a tiny, abandoned kitten, and hand reared by the vets at Vorna Valley Animal Hospital. His eyes so badly infected that they didn’t think they’d be able to save his eyes – never mind hope for some vision, but he could see enough to jump onto furniture, and navigate the house and the catio, and pester and play with his housemates but he was careful. He loved nothing better than to curl up in my arms and sleep, purring loudly. And if I talked to him he’d chirrup back at me. He wasn’t at all afraid of the dogs, and he was clever, coming running if you called him and learning what “off” meant. :P
His front toes were deformed, the end of his tail was folded over and twisted in a knot, he was very squint and his right eye was cloudy. He also had severe bladder trouble, and despite medication and a special diet he only got worse over time. :(
I am so very sorry I couldn’t fix you, my sweet, snuggly, talky boy.

Our Kitties Have A Catio!

I have wanted to put up a catio of some kind for my indoor cats ever since I first saw one on Pinterest about two years ago, and we finally have one!

We looked at a few construction options and suggestions, and decided on PVC piping with plastic mesh and cable ties, in order to ensure it would be weather-proof and relatively easy to construct. Its about two metres wide, about 180cm tall, and half a metre deep, with two corner shelves on one side covered with fake lawn. It has a plastic crate on its side in the bottom, and a towel as a hammock (attached to the window bars) on the one end. There’s a strip of carpet attached to the side that they can use to do their nails (they don’t use it yet), and a couple of toys hanging from ribbons inside.

It took a couple of hours for the cats long to start investigating it, and venturing out, and had it occurred to me I may have left the finished catio inside the house for a few days for them to explore before mounting it on the wall outside.



It is used mostly by Magic and Twister at the moment, with old man Greebo only going out when its very hot in the sun, or there’s catnip on the corner shelves. 😛



Twister Piss Cat

Yes. Twister Piss Cat. That is his full name.

He’s not a piss cat because he drinks. He’s a piss cat because he pisses everywhere.

As adorable as Twister is, and as much as I love him and his snuggly talkative personality, I am THIS close to being one of those people who adopts an animal, and then hands it back after a while…   😥

Its been a little over a year and we’ve tried everything. He’s on special food. He eats away from the other cats. I’ve tried putting different things in his preferred litterbox to encourage him to use it, from shredded plastic bags, to gravel kitty litter, and even newspaper. He uses it once or twice and then he goes right back to peeing on the walls, curtains, furniture, and on us!

He is tolerated by Greebo and Magic, but he seeks out Minx and she can’t seem to stand him! She spends her life on top of a glass display cabinet that Twister seems unable to jump up onto.
Twister also guards to bathroom door to where most of the litterboxes are, so the other cats are harassed when they try to go in and out. I had to find a place to put a litterbox that Minx could use because she won’t go in that bathroom and she started pooping on our bed!    :/

I’m breaking up yowling-fur-flying cat fights almost daily, usually at 3am…   😦
I chase him out of our bedroom almost every time he tries to come in, because as much as he loves to curl up on my bed and cuddle with me – he purrs like a tractor – he also pees on my walls and curtains, and occasionally on me or my Glugster! Literally! He sneaks up behind us and sprays our backs!   :/

This is as close as Minx has allowed Twister to be to her… but she was asleep when he climbed up onto the bed.

For us, having animals is about quality of life. For us and for them. At the moment our cats and us are not having a lot of quality…
Twister is chased, by us and by the other cats.
Minx is constantly on tenterhooks.
My house literally reeks of cat pee. Constantly.
We literally have no furniture in our lounge anymore because it was ruined.

I don’t know what to do…    😥

My Kitties Are Unhappy

I desperately need help with our Twister…

He’s on a special diet, so the crystals in his urine have cleared up, but he’s still peeing everywhere, and spraying!
I don’t know how to fix it.
I’ve tried different litter, adding shredded plastic bags to the litter ‘coz he’s peeing on any packet he can find, I’ve tried closing him in my shower with a litter box to force him to use it! But we need to use the shower. And while he’s out- he pees! And I have a huge problem with ants invading my shower. I don’t want risk him getting bitten by ants, and I can’t have him in there with ant poison.
I don’t have any other place that’s crate-like to isolate him in.

He spent his first few months as part of our family in our bed, in our room, because the other cats weren’t very welcoming of a new kitty. He slept between my husband and me at night. He napped on top of my hubby and followed him around…

And now I can’t bear to have him in our bedroom because of the peeing! My curtains, bed, towels, walls, bags, the dog beds… Even us! He has even sprayed me, and my husband!

Everything gets pissed on.

I’ve taken to calling him “pister” instead of “Twister”, and I keep chasing my sweet, talkative, lovable kitty out of my room.

It doesn’t help the rest of my house, though… Which reeks… And Minx and Magic are constantly in the wars with Twister because he literally chases them around! Minx spends all her time on top of the fridge or the bookshelf, ‘coz Twister can’t get up there.

I am THIS close to wanting him out, but I don’t want to get rid of him because we love him. And I cannot even consider finding him a new home unless I have done everything in my power.

What can I do!??

Our Poor Twister…

On September 10th, we got the results of our Twister’s urinalysis after he spent the day at the vet.
Despite recent vet visits and shots, he was still peeing on the dog’s beds instead of in the litterboxes. He had crystals in his urine, so we switched him to a special food, which would stop the crystals forming, and then clear it up in a couple of weeks.
He has to stay on this special diet to prevent the crystals recurring.

Its now more than three weeks later and Twister is STILL peeing on the dog’s beds – if I leave them on the floor – and he’s spraying my walls and curtains, and worst of all he’s spraying US!!
I’ve never heard of anyone’s cats actually spraying his people!


My poor twisted kitten is now shut into my shower, as I can keep the door shut and the smooth glass sides means he can’t get out. He has a blanket, a litterbox, water and toys, and I am REALLY hoping this will, for lack of a better word, force him to use the litterbox again…

It breaks my heart to listen to him calling, ‘coz he doesn’t know what’s going on… But I have to stop him peeing everywhere.
He’s pooping in the litterboxes, but he’s also spending most of his time lying in the doorway to the bathroom where the litterboxes are – which means the other cats won’t go past him to get inside and now Magic has started peeing in my potplants!!!


I don’t know what to do anymore…

Funny Twister

Both Twister’s eyes have opened a little more and they are now pretty much the same size, where the right eye was considerably bigger than the left for a while. Even so, he definitely doesn’t see as well as a kitty with normal eyes does. He still can’t jump up onto the dishwasher – where his food and the cats’ water is, or onto the chest freezer – where the grownup cats’ food is, without a step-stool, which is a good thing in a way ‘coz he’s not eating adult cat food yet.

At night he sleeps on our bed, usually between us, and he loves the faux fur on our bed! He also likes to make a nest and have the duvet or the throw wrap around hm. And yes, he’s still a daddy’s boy.

In the late afternoon, our dining room table is bathed in sunshine and usually has at least one cat lying on it, baking in the warmth. Twister loves it too.


Twister Has Grown Into His Ears… Sort Of…

I think he thinks he’s a dog! And he’s so affectionate and cuddly!

He spends most of his time on our bed, where the dogs usually are too, or on top of one of us. And when its near supper or breakfast time he runs down the passage to the kitchen along with the dogs! He sleeps nights curled between my hubby and I on our bed, and he loves the faux fur throw that we use in winter.

He’s not at all intimidated by the dogs, even though our blind Labbie, Riddick, regularly stands on him when he jumps up onto the bed!

As he’s grown, his one eye seems to have opened more than the other, so now he really lives up to his name – twisted tail, malformed feet, and now odd-sized eyes! I can eve see a little of the iris in his right eye and they look like they may be a beautiful shade of green.

Sadly I think his gums are inflamed and sore again. His breath smells a bit – although not as badly as before the vet sorted him out last time – and when he yawns I can see his gums are very red. It doesn’t seem to affect his appetite in the slightest thank goodness, and I have yet to find evidence of an upset tummy in the litterbox.


In a week’s time we’ll be bringing home our new Guide Dog puppy – a little female black Lab named Nimble – and I am very curious as to how Twister is going to get on with a little pup.

Twister Had His Surgery

I dropped off a very hungry little Twister at the vet this morning, for his castration surgery.

Last week I blogged about how they couldn’t do a regular neuter op ‘coz one of his testicles hadn’t descended and they had to do an op similar to a spaying in order to find the “missing” ball, as well as fix his teeth (his baby teeth hadn’t fallen out properly, making his breath stink something awful).
Today was the day.

I went to collect him at 5pm, and the vet told me they had fixed his teeth and given him a long-term antibiotic to help with the gum irritation where his baby teeth had been, and she gave me eye drops for when his eyes weep a little (in case I didn’t mention it before, his eyes aren’t properly formed either).
And she told me that the testicle that hadn’t dropped had never formed at all, so there hadn’t been one to find!

Our Twister certainly has the right name!

And the vet was very apologetic that neutering our Twister had ended up costing so much – we adopted him from the same vet, where he had been raised after being dropped there as a tiny 2 week old foundling!

Now he’s home, and a little sorry for himself, but he ate all his supper and I’ve put a water bowl on the floor for him ‘coz jumping up is still uncomfortable with the stitches in his tummy.

Little Mister Twister

Our little Twister is almost 6 months old so I dropped him at the vet this morning for his castration appointment.
I asked them to look at his mouth while he was under anesthetic as his breath smells too TERRIBLE! This is never a good sign with a cat – and he battles to eat even cooked chicken unless I break it up for him so I know something’s up.
And depending on whether the vet who raised him had already tested him or not, I was considering asking them to do a FeLV test too.

I was really hope his stinky mouth was nothing serious… His toes, tail and eyes are deformed so I am sort of bracing myself for other issues as he grows up…

And I was going to wait another month before castrating him so he could grow a bit more, but his smelly breath is getting worse and he’s growing so nicely, I don’t want him to start losing weight.


Our poor Twister… He really is twisted! The vet called me this afternoon.
She doesn’t feel an FeLV test is necessary, but our kitty’s one testicle hasn’t descended and they will have to go looking for it as its not even in the canal where they would have expected to find it at this stage!
As for his smelly breath, it seems some of his baby teeth haven’t fallen out pro
perly and are loose but still in his gums, so they have to take them out for him. They are full of old food and irritating his gums a bit, which is where the smell is coming from. Thank goodness this means he’s not in pain!

They’ve rescheduled his surgery for Monday as they will need a longer lasting anesthetic to do a bigger op than was planned for today. As a result of his “missing” testicle his castration will be a bigger surgery as they have to open him up to find it, and they will fix his teeth at the same time.
At least its not serious gingivitis and removing the baby teeth should sort the problem out, and she gave him an anti-inflammatory shot for the little bit of gum irritation.

As for the rest of him, his foster mommy is thrilled with how much he’s grown  and how well he’s doing.

He’s getting on better and better with the other cats. Magic still growls at him but he doesn’t run away. He has no problem with the dogs, often sharing a bed with them.
And he’s responding well to training too. He’s already learned “off”, which comes in useful since he’s lately taken to lying on top of my microwave when its warm after being used, and I can’t have cats on my kitchen counters. He’s also learning “no” which I use when he tries to climb on our laptops, and I’ve started teaching him “sit”! Its interesting to see him learn since my other cats have learned from my hand signals and my voice, Twister is responding mainly to my voice command.

Twister Has Grown!

He’s had his latest shots and thanks to the vet who raised him he has no problem getting in and out of the crate or riding in the car.

She came to say hello to him when we were done with his inoculations and she could definitely see he’d grown. We’re getting to know his limitations too – because his eyes aren’t quite right his depth perception is a little off, so when he jumps onto something he occasionally overshoots his mark. 😀 He loves playing in the bath. A little jingle-ball rolls around like mad when swatted only slightly and he bounces around after it ‘coz it doesn’t really roll away.
He’s happily using the same litter boxes that the other cats use, so they’re all in one bathroom again – he hasn’t messed anywhere else except for his first #2 – which was next to the box, and I simply picked it up and put it in the box and it didn’t happen again.

I got a picture of the underside of Twister’s right front paw, so you can see just how deformed this foot is. The other foot is also “twisted” but not as much as this one.

Twister has no trouble sharing the bed with the dogs, although him being visually challenged doesn’t help him get out the way when my blind Riddick jumps on the bed and practically tramples him!

He is no longer locked away in the spare room except for meal times as he’s still on kitten food and I don’t want the other cats eating his or vice versa. He’s trying very hard to work out how to get onto the chest freezer, which is where the other three cat’s food is and where they eat.

He’s happily roaming the house freely, with Magic the only one who still growls at him. Greebo and Minx aren’t growling, but if he gets too close they take a swat at him as cats do.
He doesn’t pester them though, unlike a very young kitten he backs off the second one of them makes it clear he’s too close.

He’s such a snuggler, sleeping on our bed between my Glugster and I, and sleeping on top of my Glugster when he has the chance!

He’s responding nicely to “No!”, with a tap on his nose if he ignores me. I don’t want him climbing on our laptops or climbing the curtains, and the spray bottle works wonders too.

Welcome Twister!

20150309_214945Little Twister has joined our family! 20150309_170042We adopted this little furball from Vorna Valley Animal Hospital on March 6th 2015 – he’s about 4 months old. 20150309_170117He was found as a tiny, abandoned kitten, with eyes so badly infected they didn’t think they’d be able to save his eyes never mind hope for some vision. He can see enough to jump onto furniture and play with toys so he’s quite independent, though he has no peripheral vision. 20150309_170138His front toes are slightly deformed and the end of his tail is twirled over and curled almost like a pig’s tail! 20150309_170355

I introduced him to two of our dogs- Riddick and Penny- and whilst Penny was keen to meet him Riddick was only interested in the treats I was offering. Penny wasn’t aggressive at all and the kitten didn’t bat an eyelid – he rubbed himself against Riddick and even nose-bumped Penny when she sniffed him!20150309_170402 He’s very lovable but he doesn’t like to be picked up and held – JUST like our other cats, Greebo, Magic & Minx!20150309_214922 He is still isolated from the rest of the house and the other animals, and I am putting little bits of catnip along the bottom of the door so that whenever the other cats smell him they get a whiff of the catnip too. I’m going to rub him full of catnip when I open the door to the other cats!20150309_214936I briefly introduced Greebo and Minx (one at a time) to the new baby and he seemed quite indifferent to them, but they weren’t impressed with him at all, it was early days though… I let our Riddick into the room to meet the new baby as well and he was only interested in finding the new baby’s food! 20150309_215037

And we got a kitty toy as a present from our friends – one of those tubes with crinkly paper in the ends and a couple of holes in the top for him to jump through, and he loves it!20150309_215101Tomorrow it will be a week since we fetched him from the vet so we will soon be letting him out of the room to interact with the other cats.