Our Dogs

My nose is wet and shiny, and I never clean my teeth,
Sometimes I lie upon my back and show my underneath,
I do things on the pavement when I’m taken to the shops,
And instead of being punished, I am given chocolate drops.
My name is “Sit”, I think, although it might be “Fetch” or “Stay”,
But whatever people call me I come running anyway!
~ Richard Stilgoe



Riddick was born on April Fools Day 2012, and we named him after the Vin Diesel character (from the movie “Pitch Black”)! He was born blind – his retinas don’t respond to the red or blue light spectrum so the muscles that control his pupils don’t work, they are open and fully dilated all the time, and as he cannot regulate how much light his eyes allow onto his retinas, his vision continues to deteriorate as he gets older.
He has now also developed cataracts, canine diabetes, and canine epilepsy, so he is on anti-seizure meds, his blood sugar is checked twice daily, and he gets an insulin shot after his meals.



We adopted 6 month old Penny, who we all thought was a chocolate Lab (possibly crossed with something else), from Labrador & Golden Retriever Rescue in December 2013.
She was “rescued” from a man who was trying to sell her, and we went to see her a couple of days – and a bath – after she arrived with a Lab Rescue foster family.
As we already had plans to be away from home over Christmas, we decided to fetch her afterwards rather than stress her by leaving her home alone or carting her around with us. She was then spayed and we chose her name, got her a bowl, puppy food, collar, leash, and name tag! We fetched her from her foster family on December 26th!
In December 2014 we had her DNA tested and it turns out she’s mostly MinPin crossed with Bull Mastiff & Cocker Spaniel!
She’s a real sweetheart, and loves to snuggle with her daddy, but she has some issues that we continue to work on, stemming mostly from abuse and her lack of socialisation and training as a puppy!



Thelma (and our late Louise) were adopted from Wetnose on 6 June 2010.
She’s a mixed breed and we don’t know exactly how old she is or what she is. She’s calm and quiet, keeping to herself, and smiling at you if you talk to her!



Topi is my parents’ dog, a Fox Terrier cross – he looks like a foxy but he’s almost as tall as a Labrador and he doesn’t think he’s a dog at all! Topolino lives with us now as he likes chasing my brother-in-law’s chickens a little too much, and my daddy darling was no longer able to give him the attention and exercise he needs.

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