We Use…

Cat Food

The cats are fed Pick n Pay’s Nutriphase dry pellets- either lamb or chicken. We don’t do fish at all.
Every other month they get a small tin of soft meat to share as a treat.
I am careful with their food because they are indoor cats, so if I feed them junk they will get fat and I can’t have that.

Cat Litter
We use Marlton’s ultra fine silicon cat litter – easy to find, long lasting, easy to sift and affordable from any supermarket.

Dog Food
The dogs are eating Supreme Pet dry dog food with a 22% protein content.

Pest Control
I am very proud to say my cats have only had fleas twice – once when we found baby Magic and again when we brought Turk and Diva home as kittens. After they were all bathed and treated, we had no more fleas.
We dose all of them with Advantage drops for cats which treats worms as well as ticks and fleas! Of course it helps that they don’t go outside.
The dogs are all treated regularly and we alternate between Frontline and Ex-Spot drops for dogs.
The dogs are dewormed with the Milbemax we get from the vet.

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