Twenty Eight Weeks With Chuck #GDApupChuck

Chuck is 37 weeks old!

Last Friday, Chuck weighed 37.8kg, and he’s now quite comfortable with his weekly visit to our vet to get on the scale, walk around the vet’s reception, and – if there are no patients – check out the examination room.


Our weekly puppy classes with Chuck’s littermates are now complete, and our last open puppy class for 2019, with older GDA pups, was at a park, a nice relaxed walk around the perimeter and a free run for the dogs, which included splashing in some black mud! Our puppy classes with his litter mates included a trip on the Gautrain, a visit to Montecasino’s bird park, the Gardens of St Christopher, the Lipizzaners, gg’s Café, and classes at GDA.

On our own walks and outings we’ve visited a number of different shopping centres and malls, doctor’s rooms, the optometrist, gone shopping all over the place, and he confidently responds to SIT, DOWN, LET’S GO, DROP IT, TOUCH, and STAND, and we continue to work on LOOSE LEASH WALKING all the time.

Chuck LOVES going on an outing of any kind! He loves riding in the car, especially with a frozen water bottle or the aircon on full blast, typically going to sleep as soon as the car starts moving. 🙂

And just ‘coz he’s so gorgeous, here are some more pictures of our Chuck!


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