Our Cats



The oldest of my furbabies.
Born on November 8th 2003, I adopted him in the following January.
Sometimes aloof, always in charge, he’s a little camera shy.




Discovered in a shopping mall parking lot one night in November 2008 at about 4 weeks old!
Until he was 6 months old we thought he was a girl!
Some of his story is on About.com Cats.




Rescued from a Citroen’s undercarriage, which she climbed into after an attempted rescue from the middle of a main road, she was about six weeks old when she came to live with us on 10 October 2010.




We adopted Twister at about 4 months old from our vet on March 6th 2015.
He was found as a tiny, abandoned kitten, with eyes so badly infected they didn’t think they’d be able to save his eyes never mind hope for some vision. He can see enough to jump onto furniture and play with toys.
His front toes are slightly deformed and the end of his tail is folded over and twisted in a knot

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