Welcome Twister!

20150309_214945Little Twister has joined our family! 20150309_170042We adopted this little furball from Vorna Valley Animal Hospital on March 6th 2015 – he’s about 4 months old. 20150309_170117He was found as a tiny, abandoned kitten, with eyes so badly infected they didn’t think they’d be able to save his eyes never mind hope for some vision. He can see enough to jump onto furniture and play with toys so he’s quite independent, though he has no peripheral vision. 20150309_170138His front toes are slightly deformed and the end of his tail is twirled over and curled almost like a pig’s tail! 20150309_170355

I introduced him to two of our dogs- Riddick and Penny- and whilst Penny was keen to meet him Riddick was only interested in the treats I was offering. Penny wasn’t aggressive at all and the kitten didn’t bat an eyelid – he rubbed himself against Riddick and even nose-bumped Penny when she sniffed him!20150309_170402 He’s very lovable but he doesn’t like to be picked up and held – JUST like our other cats, Greebo, Magic & Minx!20150309_214922 He is still isolated from the rest of the house and the other animals, and I am putting little bits of catnip along the bottom of the door so that whenever the other cats smell him they get a whiff of the catnip too. I’m going to rub him full of catnip when I open the door to the other cats!20150309_214936I briefly introduced Greebo and Minx (one at a time) to the new baby and he seemed quite indifferent to them, but they weren’t impressed with him at all, it was early days though… I let our Riddick into the room to meet the new baby as well and he was only interested in finding the new baby’s food! 20150309_215037

And we got a kitty toy as a present from our friends – one of those tubes with crinkly paper in the ends and a couple of holes in the top for him to jump through, and he loves it!20150309_215101Tomorrow it will be a week since we fetched him from the vet so we will soon be letting him out of the room to interact with the other cats.


About Angel

We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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  1. Look at those cute bat ears! He is beautiful

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